The Joy of the Fifties

It seemed right for our 60th anniversary to try to convey the flavour of those early years of the Players – the events, the highs, the lows; hence the ‘Joy of the Fifties’

The 1950s have been neglected, sandwiched between the momentous events of World War 2 and the explosive ‘60s. But there is a good story to tell as post-war austerity gave way to greater prosperity.  Early on pleasures were simple and hard earned, the family was the reassuring focus, songs were comforting and wholesome. But with increasing confidence and spending power there was more choice in goods in the shops, in fashion and in entertainment. Television overtook cinema and radio, the teenager arrived, the mood and the music was more upbeat, although it was still a fearful world.

We have used social comment recorded at the time to tell it as it was as the years went by and to show the pleasures and the laughter against a somewhat sombre background – literally, because colour was scarce. 

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