Stepping Out

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‘The‘Stepping Out’ is a warm and funny play about the lives, laughs and loves of a group of women (and one man) at a weekly tap-dance class in a dingy church hall.

There is ex-professional dancer Mavis, (she never made it past the chorus line) who runs the class; cheerful, overweight Sylvia; Andy, lacking in self esteem; pseudo-posh Vera; excitable, nervous Dorothy who works in Social Security; Maxine, shrewd, always looking for a sale; young, trainee nurse Lynne; Irish Rose, little sense of rhythm, but loves it; Geoffrey, the lone male and Mrs Fraser, the cantankerous, pessimistic pianist.

They all have different reasons for coming to the class and as the play progresses we gradually learn something of their lives and what brought them here.

Tickets are available now for our current production