Our Man & The Musicians – 2 Plays

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`The Musicians‘’

‘The Musicians’ is a play by Patrick Marber, a writer and actor who is well known for his comic creations on television and has more recently written the screenplay for the award winning `Notes on a Scandal’.

The play is about two young people who are obsessed with music: one is a guitarist with a vivid imagination but no guitar; the other is a talented young musician whose dream of performing at least one work as a conductor is hampered by a fractious, disinterested orchestra, more concerned with the cold showers and bad television in their hotel rooms. The situation is made more desperate when the orchestra turn up for the final rehearsal only to discover that their instruments have been confiscated.

It is left to the young guitarist, inspired by the Pinball Wizard, to come up with a surreal solution.

`Our Man’

`Our Man’ is set inside the head of Private Jones, with all the cast representing his senses and feelings as he goes into battle for the very last time. As our audience, you will be privy to what Jones experiences as he interprets and responds to things happening around him.


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