Much Ado About Shakespeare

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A revue entitled “Much Ado About Shakespeare”.  A revue is defined in the Collins English Dictionary as a form of light entertainment consisting of a series of topical sketches, songs, dancing, comic turns, etc

As the most widely known and quoted playwright in the English language, Shakespeare is with us everyday.  He provides a rich source of material – both his own words and those of others who seek to praise or parody.  References to his plays and sonnets are everywhere, pictorial representations of him are instantly recognisable and we all use phrases he wrote – often without even realising!

“Much Ado About Shakespeare” has provided an opportunity to draw together material from a number of sources; a chance to mix styles and forms; and to use some of the Bard’s very own words.

You may be very familiar with Shakespeare’s work as someone who knows his plays well.  You may be someone who has memories of Shakespeare from school.  Here your enthusiasm for his work may have been ignited – or sadly extinguished.  Whatever your feelings about “The Bard of Stratford on Avon” you will find lots to amuse, interest and entertain you


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