Men of the World

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Men of the World

Three coach drivers are preparing for a mystery trip. They recall an incident and laughter-packed trip down the Rhine Valley and introduce the more interesting of their pensioner passengers.

Happy Larry, is a driver who is about to retire. He is a Mario Lanza fan who’s been making trips for as long as anyone can remember.  The much younger Stick, is splendidly sardonic, indeed scathing about his passengers. He dreads being old. He would much rather be driving sixth formers down to Spain and hoping ‘to get lucky’. Making up the trio of drivers is Frank, a woman driver of course. She maintains an interesting elusive quality.

In the care of these three are an assortment of passengers, from the dotty old complainers to the retired miners seeking excitement too late and on too little money.  Escape is on everyone’s mind but no one knows quite what they’re escaping from and how to go about it.

We expect the audience to nudge each other as they recognise situations that they have seen or been part of. A touching, often hilarious, bitter-sweet play, full of John Godber’s usual clever, perceptive view of “men of the world”. He lets you see what the drivers think of their charges and each other.

Tickets are available now for our current production