Babysitting Calvin/Talking Heads

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Babysitting Calvin

Calvin, a ten-month old baby, can still remember his previous life when he was happily married to Laura.  He can also remember that Laura was subject to the constant attentions of Calvin’s womanising best friend, Bob.  Calvin knows he will lose his blissful memories when he reaches his first birthday – or speaks – so he determines that nothing will make him talk!


When Calvin’s mum, Katie, is persuaded by her sexy friend, Donna, to go out for the evening, he learns that his babysitter is none other than Laura!  Alas, she has brought along a friend – the lecherous Bob.  Calvin sets about thwarting Bob’s amorous plans using every trick known to babies.


Can Calvin prevent the unthinkable happening……without uttering a word?


Talking Heads

Alan Bennett is, of course a well-known author, from his first stage play “Forty Years On”, produced in 1968, to the more recent “History Boys”. His series of six “Talking Heads” monologues for television in 1987 were later performed at the Comedy Theatre in London in 1992. Each monologue depicts a flawed character, and Alan Bennett’s skilful writing gradually shows us their frailties and ignorance of their predicament.

In the first “A Chip in the Sugar” we see Graham’s life beginning to unravel as he discovers his aging mother has rekindled an old relationship.

The second one “Bed among the Lentils” is about a vicar’s wife. She is a poignant, sad lady, and again we gradually are aware of her ‘problem’ long before she is.



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