Merry Regiment of Women

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by Rae Shirley

Directed by Julie Tickner

 ‘Buck Hall’, Cowdray Ruins, Midhurst & Leconfield Hall Petworth


Shakespeare’s great women and three extraordinary men meet and perform a totally contemporary play.

Lady Macbeth calls to arms five of Shakespeare’s most well-known female characters in order to voice their opinions about the quality and the impact of their roles in his plays. However, events do not go according to plan, as three of his popular male characters arrive to shake things up.

Kate and Petruchio, Romeo and Juliet, daring Henry V, plus Lady Macbeth and Cleopatra, combine to produce a mad and merry, totally irreverent but particularly apt, tribute to the greatest writer of all! A triumph of irony in the iambic – yet warm of heart. Forsooth play on!


Tickets are available now for our current production