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by Alan Ayckbourn                                                   Photographs by Clive Blott

Directed by Judy Gray

Wednesday 1st June to Saturday 4th 2016

Vintage Alan Ayckbourn ‘Confusions’ has been described as funny, touching and clever. It is actually a set of five interlinked one act plays. Each play deals riotously, but with sharply pointed undertones, of human eccentricities; an isolated mother unable to escape from baby talk; an unsuccessful seduction attempt; a fate fraught dinner encounter and an utterly shambolic garden fete, human frailty is laid bare as one hilarious situation after another unfolds.

From high farce to poignant observation; the laughs, however dark, keep coming.

Quote from the London Financial Times

“Runs the gamut of comic technique from faintly pathetic situation comedy to outright farce…. Ayckbourn has demonstrated once again that even in a trivial situation he can hold the attention with his matchless ear for conversational speech, and in untrivial situations shows himself a comic writer of immortal quality.”


Mother Figure

LUCY                            Sarah-Jayne Steed

ROSEMARY                 Mandy Carr

TERRY                          James Woodley

Drinking Companion

HARRY                         Tim Ashworth

PAULA                          Katie Griffiths

BERNICE                      Kath Luxton

WAITER                       Chris Deacon

 Between Mouthfuls

WAITER                        Chris Deacon

DONALD PEARCE       Dennis Harrison

EMMA PEARCE           Mandy Carr

MARTIN                       Roger Booth

POLLY                          Kath Luxton

Gosforth’s Fete

EMMA PEARCE           Mandy Carr

MILLY CARTER          Sarah-Jayne Steed

GOSFORTH                  James Woodley

VICAR                            Dennis Harrison

STEWART STOKES     Roger Booth

A Talk in the Park

ARTHUR                      Dennis Harrison

BERYL                          Katie Griffiths

CHARLES                    Simon Worte

DOREEN                      Julie Tickner

ERNEST                       Roger Booth


Tickets are available now for our current production